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What was it like to write the Super Mario Bros. theme song or the Tetris soundtrack? Millions of kids across generations growing up listening to your music and associating it with some of the easiest and rosiest moments of their childhood? Berlin-based producer C418, a.k.a. Daniel Rosenfeld, has some semblance of an idea.

"Being the composer of Minecraft is basically like imagining the distance between earth and moon," he is quoted in a press release. "I can imagine the number in it’s pure mathematical form, but I cannot ever imagine how big that distance actually is. Similarly to the popularity of the game and how common it has become on this planet, I seriously can’t fathom the influence I’ve had on young gamers everywhere."

Of course, he was a producer before Minecraft hired him, and he's continued to express himself creatively outside its cubic dimensions. C418 has released everything from melodic dance-pop to ambient moods via Bandcamp, and an inspired-by his day job piece called Minecraft Volume Alpha through Ghostly International. Today, he explores a wide range of influences and atmospheres on "Beton," the first single from a forthcoming album called Excursions, slated for digital release on Sept. 7.