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[PRE-ORDER] Hayden Pedigo - Valley of the Sun (LP)

[PRE-ORDER] Hayden Pedigo - Valley of the Sun (LP)


Ships May 2019

Hayden Pedigo is an Amarillo Texas based acoustic guitarist and soundscape composer. His first album "Seven Years Late" was released in 2013 on experimental Austin label Marmara Records. Hayden's second album "Five Steps" was released on Seattle label Debacle Records and featured original acoustic and electronic compositions he composed. Hayden has colaborated with acoustic and electronic luminaries such as Charles Hayward (This Heat), Fred Frith, Werner "Zappi" Diermaier (Faust), Stephen Basho Junghans, Chuck Johnson, Danny Paul Grody and many more. Hayden also curated the 2015 solo guitar compilation "Imaginational Anthem Vol.7" for Tompkins Square Records. Hayden released his third full length LP “Greetings from Amarillo” in 2017 on LA ambient label Driftless Recordings. The record was featured on NPR and Aquarium Drunkard.

Hayden Pedigo’s 4th album “Valley of the Sun” is his second LP with Driftless Recordings. This record is a full-length ambient study for guitar and tape. Hayden views this record as his most soft tonally while being split between two sides. The first side being short length sketches for guitar and synths while the second side is a full-length ambient composition titled “Skylark” for piano and tape. Hayden played and recorded the piece himself on a piano and a 1950’s reel-to-reel tape recorder. The piece is his tribute to friend and musical inspiration William Basinski.