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Hayden Pedigo - Greetings From Amarillo

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"Greetings from Amarillo is an album I started writing in 2015 trying to create a group of songs about my hometown of Amarillo Texas. Amarillo is one of the strangest cities on the face of the earth and one of the flattest places you will probably ever find. I remember hearing Terry Allen’s song “Amarillo Highway” as a teenager and laughing at how well it described this place. These songs cover every aspect of home from the crazy wind, to the amazing sunsets and sprawling landscapes. These pieces are my most realized attempts at trying to blend my solo acoustic guitar works and the synthesizer based ambience into blended pieces each with a unique environment. Greetings from Amarillo is a musical postcard but also an invitation to look around and spend some time in the audio rendering of the Texas Panhandle."